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Honey International mediates the following honey and api products:


Honey (traditional and organic)

A wide range of traditional and organic honey types are available from all our partners, such as Accacia honey from Apidava, sourced in Romania and unique wild Rock Honey sourced in Nepal.


Api Products


Propolis is antibacterial, antibiotic, and has a healing capacity, It is immunologic and anticonvulsive. It has good effects in the healing of wounds, sores, diseases of the breathing apparatus, of the digestive apparatus, of the eyes, prostate and helps increase the microbes' sensibility to antibiotics. Thanks to its effects against viruses, propolis is recommended for s, Zoster and Herpes.


Pollen is a natural product, collected by bees. Pollen grain is rich in nutritive and regenerative substances needed by your body such as: vitamins, enzymes, amino-acids, carbohydrates, fats and minerals. It is a dietetic nutritive supplement which has a strengthening effects on adults and children. It equilibrates body functions in case of physical and intellectual tiredness. Please note: pollen can not be used by diabetics.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly contains the biggest quantity of vitamins/ volume unity of all api products. It is a substance which increases body's resistance against stress agents, helping all organs to function normally. It is composed of fructose, proteins, growing agents, 18 amino-acids and a multitude of vitamins (especially vitamins B1 and B5) and minerals. People who work or study hard will feel the refreshment of their memory, of their capacity of concentration and an increased energy. Symptoms related to menopause (sweating, sudden feelings of heat, prolonged menstruation) almost disappear after a month cure with royal jelly. Royal Jelly assists in normalizing blood pressure levels and could help people with a high risk of having an infarct or a stroke (obese people with high cholesterol). Perhaps the most important benefit is that it improves immunity.

Bee Venom

It has been demonstrated that bee venom has great anti-inflammatory properties. Bee venom has a therapeutic effect because it contains melittin, an anti- inflammatory agent. Melittin stimulates the production of cortisol, an anti-inflammatory hormone. Melittin improves microcirculation and has antibacterial properties, as it stimulates the anti-body producing process and the immune system. Bee venom therapy has miraculous effects in treating osteoarticular diseases, in the acute forms (arthritis, osteoarthritis) and in degenerative ones (arthrosis). Please note: from the physiological point of view bee venom's effects are toxic. There is no antidote against bee venom. It shouldn't be used unless it's medically recommended and supervised.

Bee Bread

Bee bread is a natural product with more valuable characteristics than pollen because of its bigger content of sugars, vitamin K, enzymes and amino acids as well as of its higher acidity, thus being more easily assimilated. Compared to pollen, bee bread is three times more nutritive and antibiotic. Also it is easier assimilated by the body. Because of the big quantity of lactic acid and of its antibiotic properties, if it is kept in a dry and cold place, it may resist up to 17 years.

Bee bread covers the entire scale of recommendations specific to pollen: hepatic diseases, anemia, stress, rheumatism, adjustment of the intestinal transit, colon diseases, especially those related to constipations (enterocolitis, colitis caused by fermentation or putrefaction of undigested food, chronic constipations of different etiologies) but its action is stronger and more rapid. Be careful: As with pollen and honey, bee bread cannot be used by diabetics.

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