HONEY International


Honey International's activities concentrate on:


  • Developing (certified) supply partnerships of honey and other api-products
  • Providing member companies with a platform for networking and know how exchange


Members of the Honey International network enjoy support
services in the fields of:


  • Modern bee product technology
  • Turnkey engineering of production facilities
  • Business development
  • (Inter)national marketing
  • Certification processes
  • Training on all aspects of the supply chain


Trouble shooting, (turnkey) engineering and contracting

Full services to resolve processing and packaging difficulties, as well as services to design and engineer processing and distribution facilities.


R&D Services

Honey International particpates actively in international research and development initiatieves. Example is the "TopHoney" project of the EU-Commission



Honey International supports partners with business plan development and financing. Attention is paid to sourcing of international (grant) support programs to strengthen the Honey International network.


CSR Policy

Our CSR Policy is based on the overall CSR policy of our parent company QuaTerNes

(click here for the website of QuaTerNes)

Honey International network members enjoy a wide range of services

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