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Honey International Founders


Clootwijck Apiaries, The Netherlands

Specialized in project management, honey value chain development and management.

T3 Engineering, The Netherlands

Specialist in engineering honey processing facilities as well as in equipment development.


Honey International Partners

  • Apidava - Apis Prod. Srl., Partner, Romania

  • Apinec Comp. Ltd., Joint venture, (through Clootwijck Apiaries), Ethiopia

  • Gandaki Honey International Ltd., Joint venture, Nepal

  • SangDe Me Fong Co. Ltd., Joint venture, P.R. of China

  • Sunline Honey International Ltd., Partner, (through Clootwijck Apiaries), Zambia

  • Zlatomed International d.o.o., Joint venture, Ukraine


Apidava - Apis Prod Srl, Blaj

Apis Prod Srl. in Blaj, Rumania was established in 1992. Apis is Rumania's number one company in retail honey products.Raw material is purchased from local beekeepers and apiaries. Beekeeping is mainly migratory, i.e. traveling to a particular honey flow, for example the acacia (Robinia sp.) woods. Honey and other bee products are collected from over 2.000 km2 certified forest area and has organic certification. Apis products are free of residues and preservatives.

Apinec Agro-Industry Plc.,Addis Abeba, Bonga, Ethiopia

Apinec Agro-Industry Plc. in Addis Abeba and Bonga, Ethiopia was established in 2005. Apinec's objective is the production, processing and marketing of apicultural products (especially honey and bees wax) and organic coffee. With assistance of Honey International, Apinec started modernization of production methods, provided training to workers and assisted with development and execution of the international marketing strategy.Apinec produces according to international standards and is Organic certified.

Gandaki International, Nepal

Gandaki International's aim is to increase both quality and quantity of bee products (honey) in Nepal for local demand and export purposes. The joint venture will process the current honey supply of GBC according to HACCP standards and market several niche products (organic honey, rock honey, api health products). Partners will set up a bee resource (queen rearing) centre and a quality control laboratory. The processing facility will be in Kathmandu. Honey International assists in the before mentioned process as well as in the training of 600 small beekeepers in remote, rural areas of Nepal.

Prodapys, Brazil

Prodapys of Ararangua and Piaui, Brazil, is the leading honey exporting company of Brazil and is active in the production and (inter)national sales of honey and apitherapy products. The company gained (inter)national recognition for its Quality Control program, its certification and food safety activities as well as its wide range of honey and api products. The processing plant in Piaui has a capacity of 7.500 tons of homogenization of honey per year. Its product line comprises over 40 products including organic honey, beauty products as well as apitherapy products such as Reumatoxi (with Bee Venom) to treat rheumatic diseases. Honey International supports Prodapys in the proces of …

Sangdi Honeybee ltd., Wafangchen, Dalian, P.R. China

Sangdi Honeybee Ltd. in Wafangchen and Dalian, P.R. China was established in 1989 and is a leading apicultural enterprise. Products originate from specific areas in China. Sangdi contracts over 5.000 migratory beekeepers taking advantage of honeyflows in selected geographic areas covering over 5.000 kilometer each year. Areas include the Changbai Mountains in the Northeast. Sangdi produces honey, beeswax, royal jelly, pollen, propolis and other honeybee products according to international standards. The company also markets beekeeping equipment. Honey International started modernization of Sangdi's production methods and processing facilities with assistance of the Dutch PSOM Program.

Sunline Honey International, Zambia

Cooperation with Sunline ltd of Zambia started in Dar Es Salam in 2009 about sourcing , processing and marketing of peanuts and apiproducts. Demo and pilot facilities were realised successful and a business development plan drafted. Follow up investments will be executed soonest in beekeeping, honey collecting and extraction as well as in processing, packaging and marketing. All with intensive training, full chain control and a semi independend QC laboratory and service/ advisory organisation.

Zlatomed,Kirovgrad, Ukraine

Zlatomed in Kirovgrad, Ukraine was established in 1993 and ins active in beekeeping, collecting, processing and trading in honey and other api products. Honey International assists Zlatomed in becoming the leading enterprise in pollination services and organic honey procurement. Honey International provides Dutch hardware and know-how on all aspects of the complete supply chain and assisted with setting up a modern quality control process.

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